Aiman Khan (Pakistani Actress) Height, Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Family, Biography & More

Aiman Khan

Get to know everything about Aiman Khan (Pakistani Actress) from her height, age, boyfriend, husband, family, biography, and more. Read on to discover fascinating facts about this talented actress.

If you’re a fan of Pakistani dramas, chances are you’ve come across the name Aiman Khan. This talented actress has taken the industry by storm with her incredible acting skills and stunning looks. But there’s more to Aiman Khan than meets the eye. In this article, we’ll be exploring everything you need to know about Aiman Khan (Pakistani Actress) Height, Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Family, Biography & More.

Aiman Khan (Pakistani Actress) Height

Aiman Khan is known for her petite frame and youthful appearance. So, what is Aiman Khan’s height? Aiman Khan stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall. This height is considered average for a Pakistani woman and suits Aiman Khan’s delicate features.

Aiman Khan (Pakistani Actress) Age

Aiman Khan was born on November 22, 1998, in Karachi, Pakistan. As of 2023, Aiman Khan is 24 years old. Despite her young age, Aiman Khan has already made a name for herself in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Aiman Khan (Pakistani Actress) Boyfriend

Aiman Khan’s love life has been the subject of much speculation over the years. However, in 2018, Aiman Khan confirmed that she was in a relationship with actor Muneeb Butt. The couple got engaged in January 2017 and tied the knot in November 2018. Since then, Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt have become one of the most popular celebrity couples in Pakistan.

Aiman Khan (Pakistani Actress) Husband

Aiman Khan husband

Aiman Khan’s husband is none other than Muneeb Butt. The couple met on the set of a drama and fell in love. Despite facing some criticism from fans due to their age difference (Muneeb Butt is older than Aiman Khan), the couple has proved that love knows no boundaries. They now have a daughter together named Amal Muneeb.

Aiman Khan (Pakistani Actress) Family

Aiman Khan Family

Aiman Khan comes from a family of actors. Her twin sister Minal Khan is also a well-known actress in Pakistan. Aiman Khan’s father Mubeen Khan was a police officer, but he passed away in 2020 due to a heart attack. Aiman Khan is very close to her mother, who has always been her biggest supporter.

Aiman Khan (Pakistani Actress) Biography

Aiman Khan’s career in the entertainment industry began at a young age. She made her acting debut in 2012 with the drama “Mohabbat Bhaar Mai Jaye” and has since appeared in numerous hit dramas such as “Bay Qasoor”, “Khawab Siraye”, and “Ishq Tamasha”. Aiman Khan has won several awards for her acting, including the Hum Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Interesting Facts About Aiman Khan

  • Aiman Khan and her sister Minal Khan are often referred to as the “Khan sisters” in the Pakistani entertainment industry.
  • Aiman Khan’s favorite color is pink.
  • Aiman Khan is a huge fan of Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor.
  • Aiman Khan has over 8 million followers on Instagram.

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Q: Is Aiman Khan still acting in Pakistani dramas?

A: Yes, Aiman Khan is still very active in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She has several upcoming projects, including the drama “Baarish Mein Deewar” and the film “Dum Mastam”.

Q: How did Aiman Khan become famous?

A: Aiman Khan’s talent and hard work have been instrumental in her success in the entertainment industry. She has won over fans with her natural acting skills and stunning looks.

Q: What is Aiman Khan’s net worth?

A: Aiman Khan’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 3 million. This includes her earnings from acting, endorsements, and other business ventures.


Aiman Khan (Pakistani Actress) Height, Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Family, Biography & More are just some of the fascinating aspects of this talented actress’s life. From her humble beginnings to her rise to fame, Aiman Khan has captured the hearts of audiences around the world with her incredible acting skills and stunning looks. We hope this article has given you a better understanding of who Aiman Khan is and what she has achieved so far in her career. Keep an eye out for this rising star, as we’re sure she has plenty more to offer in the future.

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