Angie Watson (Bubba Watson’s Wife) Height, Age, Family, Biography & More

Angie Watson is an American professional golfer who has established her name in the golf world for women. Born on the 8th of January in 1980 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Watson grew up in an era where golfers loved their families. Her father, who retired as a club professional was her first coach as was her brother. who was a professional player, served as her main influencer. Angie played her college game at The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where she earned four times All-American and was a winner of seven college tournaments.

Early Life and Family

Angie Watson was born in Toronto, Canada, on November 11, 1977. Her parents comprise Ray as well as Jeanette Ball, and she has two siblings: Ryan as well as Melissa. Angie was a resident for a large portion of her childhood in Pickering in located in the Durham Region of Ontario, Canada. She was in the class of Pickering High School and graduated in 1996. After completing high school, she started studying in Georgia’s University of Georgia, where she earned a diploma in Interior Design.


After her college graduation, Angie was employed as an interior stylist for several years. Then, she made the choice to accept an employment in real estate. In the year 2003 Angie became a licensed real estate broker in Florida. Florida. Since that time, Angie has worked for different real estate firms and has been deemed one of the state’s top real estate agents in Florida.

In addition to her work in managing properties, Angie participates in numerous charity causes. She was the co-founder of the Bubba Watson Foundation, which helps organizations to help children or family members in desperate need. The foundation has given millions of dollars in assistance to a variety of organizations such as The Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital as well as The Sunshine Kids Foundation.

Personal Life

Angie met Bubba Watson in 2004, and they were married in 2009. Bubba was the double Master’s winner and was considered to be one of golf’s most famous players of that time. The couple has two children, one named Caleb and a daughter who is older who is named Dakota. They reside in Windermere, Florida, where they own a luxurious mansion.

Height and Age

Angie Watson stands at 5 feet 11 inches, that’s 181 centimeters. Angie weighs around 135 pounds which is about the equivalent of 61 kilograms. By 2023 Angie has reached the age of 45. Her birth date was the 11th of November, 1977.


In the final analysis, Angie Watson is a successful businesswoman and philanthropist who is active in many charity causes. In addition she is the wife of pro golfer Bubba Watson and has two children together with Bubba Watson. Angie’s height is 5’11” and she’s now at 45. In the final analysis, her commitment to her family, friends, work and charitable cause can be a source of the inspiration of many.


What is Angie Watson’s profession?

Ans: Angie Watson is a licensed real estate agent and one of the top real estate agents in the state of Florida.

What is the Bubba Watson Foundation?

Ans: The Bubba Watson Foundation is a charitable organization co-founded by Angie Watson and her husband Bubba Watson. The foundation supports organizations that help children and their families in need.

How many children does Angie Watson have?

Ans: Angie Watson has two children with her husband, Bubba Watson. They have a son named Caleb and a daughter named Dakota.

How tall is Angie Watson?

Ans: Angie Watson stands at 5 feet 11 inches tall, or 180 centimeters.

How old is Angie Watson?

Ans: As of 2023, Angie Watson is 45 years old. She was born on November 11, 1977.

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