Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Dhanalakshmi Would Be The First Elimination of This Season

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 In the latest episode of the series Dhanalakshmi is shown as angry at Gp Muthu, who was threatening the actor to make it appear as if she is in the house. When she was working on the luxury budget she provoked the GP by saying, “Dont act like this.” This caused Muthu furious, while others in the house were seen congratulating the giddy GP. Dhanalakshmi’s behavior hurts everyone in the house even GP Muthu’s army. If she was on the nominee list, she stands the possibility of being removed because she has disappointed the viewers. We’ll have to wait for the formal nomination procedure.

Bigg Boss Tamil 6

This is an unofficial survey to find out what the public is thinking about this incident at the house. Which of you are in agreement with the argument of Dhanalakshmi against GP Muthu?

Who Do You Support?

GP Muthu GP Muthu1 ( 100 % )

Dhanalakshmi Dhanalakshmi0 ( 0 % )


Dhanalakshmi is an influencer on social media from Erode She was the final contestant to have made it into the home of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6.. The GP Muthu has many admirers for his innocent actions and his slang.

See some of the best moments from the Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Day 3 episode below.

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