Bigg Boss Tamil Vote (Season 6): Contestants | Online Voting Results | Eliminations | Day 12 – Update

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote The most eagerly anticipated Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 began on 9 October 2022.. After five seasons of success, the show is entering its sixth season, with a new set of contestants. This show is hosted by Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan.. The viewers can begin voting for their top contestant following the show’s first week. Voting can be conducted using the Hotstar application (online casting) or leave a an unanswered message for the number of the contestant, that will be given to the show’s channel.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

Day 12 (21-10-22) Update as of today, Shanthi and VJ Maheshwari have the lowest vote count. Any of them could be removed this week.

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Online Vote

This is an unofficial poll. You are also able to cast your vote for your favourite housemates that want to remain in the house until the final. With this poll, you’ll be able to determine who is going to be kicked out in the coming week. Additionally, you will be able to determine who are the most popular contestants.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online (Week 1)

Shanthi Shanthi8 ( 7.21 % )

Nivaashyini Nivaashyini4 ( 3.6 % )

Queue Queency4 ( 3.6 % )

Vikraman Vikraman21 ( 18.92 % )

Dhanalakshmi Dhanalakshmi14 ( 12.61 % )

Shivin Ganesan Shivin Ganesan5 ( 4.5 % )

Ram Ram7 ( 6.31 % )

Ayesha Ayesha17 ( 15.32 % )

Sherina Sherina5 ( 4.5 % )

Azeem Azeem10 ( 9.01 % )

Maheswari Maheswari2 ( 1.8 % )

Rachitha Mahalakshmi Rachitha Mahalakshmi14 ( 12.61 12.51% )


Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 List of Contestants

The complete list of contestants for Bigg Boss Tamil season 6. There are YouTubers (social media influencers) and regular people who are included in Bigg Boss Tamil season 6.

Contestant Name



Gp Muthu

Social Media Influencer


Mohammed Azeem

Serial Actor


Asal Kolaar

Singer and Musician


Shivin Ganesan

Trans Supermodel


Robert Master




Actress, Model


Dinesh Kanagaratnam (ADK)

Singer, Rapper


Janany Kunaseelan (Janani KJ)

News Anchor and Model


Ram Ramasamy




Artict, Actor


VJ Maheshwari

Actress, Anchor, Model


Rachitha Mahalakshmi



VJ Kathir










Singapore Model


Queency Stanly

Actress, Model


Vikraman R



Shanthi Arvind

Choreographer, Actress


Manikandan Rajesh

Television personality


Bigg Boss Tamil Highlights

  • GP Muthu is the first contestant to enter the grand house.
  • The contestants are all welcomed into the house wearing the “Pudhaiyal”.
  • According to the reports it is expected to be a surprise entrance to the stage. She is not on the stage today.
  • Myna Nandhini is admitted to into the contest as wildcard.
  • GPMuthu was the winner of the dance marathon over ADK and receives 400 points of luxury.

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Nominations

Bigg Boss Tamil nominations will be conducted every week on a Monday. Contestants will pick their housemates to take part in the public vote in the expulsion.

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Nomination List for Week 1

  • Vikraman
  • Shivin
  • Shanthi
  • Ayesha
  • Queue
  • Niva
  • Ram
  • Sherina

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Eliminations

The elimination process will be conducted by using online voting results. Contestants who get lower amount of votes will be removed from the show. The winner is announced by presenter Kamal Haasan on every weekend (Sunday).

  • Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Elimination Week 1 – Still to be updated

Who is the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6?

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Online Vote

Janany Janany17 ( 30.36 % )

Shanthi Shanthi0 ( 0 % )

Azeem Azeem1 ( 1.79 % )

Ram Ram1 ( 1.79 % )

Nivaa Nivaa1 ( 1.79 % )

GP Muthu GPT Muthu3 ( 5.36 percent )

Asal Kolaar Asal Kolaar0 ( 0 % )

Robert Master Robert Master0 ( 0 percent )

VJ Maheswari VJ Maheswari2 ( 3.57 % )

Rachitha Mahalakshmi Rachitha Mahalakshmi1 ( 1.79 percent )

Dhanalakshmi Dhanalakshmi3 ( 5.36 % )

Shivin Ganesan Shivin Ganesan4 ( 7.14 % )

Ayesha Ayesha6 ( 10.71 % )

VJ Kathiravan VJ Kathiravan1 ( 1.79 % )

Vikraman Vikraman14 ( 25 % )

Queency Stanly Queency Stanly0 ( 0 1 %) )

ADK ADK0 ( 0 % )

Amudhavanan Amudhavanan0 ( 0 % )

Manikanta Rajesh Manikanta Rajesh0 ( 0 % )

Sherina Sherina2 ( 3.57 % )


Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 6

As with the previous season the contestants can only cast one vote per the day via Hotstar. To get the top vote-getters contestants, the results of voting online as well as elimination predictions We have created an online poll to monitor the results prior to the show begins.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Online Voting

Here are the specifics of this year’s Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 online voting and results. Two kinds of voting could be used to help your favorite contestant to win One will be Hotstar (online votes) and the other is missed calling voting.

How to Participate in the Voting Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants On Hotstar App

Follow these easy procedures to cast your vote Bigg Boss Tamil six contestants.

Step 1 Step 1: Install The Disney+ Hotstar application or go to the site.

Step 2: Login using your account. If not, sign-up by using our Gmail or phone number.

Step 3. Step 3: Type “Bigg Boss 6 Tamil, Season 6” as well as “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote 6” as well as “Bigg Boss Vote ” or “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote”.

Step 4 4. Click on the banner that is displayed in the webpage.

Step 5: After that, you will see the contestants who were nominated of that particular week.

6. Tap the image of your favorite contestant to cast your vote.

Step 7: You can cast 1 vote per day.

Bigg Boss Online Election Timings Timing of the Poll

Bigg Boss Tamil online vote starts at 10:45 PM on Mondays and will close on Friday at 12PM.

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Full Information

A quick glimpse of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 show.


Bigg Boss Tamil




Kamal Haasan

Number Of Contestants



10 pm to 11 PM (Night)

The Number Of Days

106 Days

Streaming Platform

Disney+ Hotstar

Telecast Channel

Star Vijay TV


Reality TV

Start Date

9th October 2022


Not Refreshed

Bigg Boss Tamil Winners List

Here’s the full list of the winners of this year’s Bigg Boss Tamil show,

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Winner Aarav
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 Winner – Riythvika
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Winner – Mugen Rao
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Winner – Aari Arjunan
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Winner – Raju Jeyamohan
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Winner – Still to be updated

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 Start Date

Season 6 of Bigg Boss Tamil is scheduled to begin on the 9th of October in 2022.

What is The Date For The End of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6

The show will last for more than 106 days. Bigg Boss Tamil 6 finale is scheduled for January 22nd 2023.

Bigg Boss Tamil Rules & Regulations

  • 15 famous people and one common person will be competing for the title as well as a huge cash prize.
  • Contestants are required to disconnect from everyday life, such as technology, mobiles and family entertainment, etc.
  • Bigg Boss Tamil contestants should adhere to the rules and duties which are set by the show’s producers.
  • Each week there will be an eliminations, in which the housemates will nominate fellow contestants.
  • The audience is the principal savers for contestants. They cast their votes online. The contestant with the largest amount of voters are guaranteed to remain inside the home. Contestants will be ejected that receives the lowest amount of votes.
  • In the last season of Bigg Boss, only three contestants remain and an online poll will be held to determine the winner.

What was the prize money Bigg Boss Tamil Sixth Prize Winner Redeem?

The winner will receive the huge trophy and receives an amount in the form of Rupees 50 Lakh. The two other winners will receive an amount worth Rupees 15,000, according to sources.

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