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Indu Jain

Indu Jain was an eminent Indian spiritualist and businesswoman, recognized for her charitable work as well as her role as Chairman of The Times Group. In this piece, we will look at her life story, including her mortality, age, and husband, family, and children as well as other fascinating aspects of her life.

Early Life and Education

Indu Jain was born on the 8th of September, 1936 in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. The father of her, Sahu Shanti Prasad Jain was a well-known industrialist and was the founder of The Times Group, which includes The Times of India and other magazines. The mother of her child, Rama Jain, was an entrepreneur and social worker.

Indu Jain completed her education in Mumbai in India, where she earned her bachelor of Arts degree at St. Xavier’s College. In the following years, she went on to pursue a master’s degree in Law at Mumbai’s University of Mumbai.

Career and Business Ventures

After finishing her education, Indu Jain joined The Times Group and was instrumental in the expansion and success of the business. She was the chairperson for The Times Group, and under her direction, The company expanded into a variety of new ventures, including radio, television stations, as well as internet services.

In addition to her work as a director at The Times Group, Indu Jain also was involved in different business ventures. She was the director of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd as well as also an active director on the Board of Directors of various other businesses.

Spiritual Journey and Philanthropy

Indu Jain was famous for her deep faith and her dedication to charity. She was a devotee of the spiritual master Jiddu Krishnamurti in addition, her spiritual path played an important part in shaping her beliefs and how she lived her life.

In her dedication to giving back, Indu Jain established the Times Foundation, a non-profit foundation that is involved in a variety of charitable and social initiatives. The foundation is involved in areas like health, education rural development, and relief from disasters, among others.

Personal Life: Husband, Children, and Family

Indu Jain married Ashok Kumar Jain who was active in their family’s business. They had two sons: Samir Jain, and Vineet Jain They are both notable business leaders of their own.

Indu Jain, a mother of five children was also a mother to five children, and she was very in love with her entire family. Family was a significant element of her life and she frequently talked about the significance of familial values as well as connections.

Honors and Achievements

Indu Jain has been the winner of numerous honors and awards for her contribution to the world of business and society. She was presented with an award called the Padma Bhushan, one of India’s most prestigious civilian awards, in the year 2016, as well as she was awarded the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award in 2005.

In addition to the individual award, Indu Jain was acknowledged for her contribution to The Times Group, which has been awarded numerous important prizes for journalism and media excellence under her direction.

Death and Legacy

Indu Jain died on the 13th of May 2021 aged 84. Her death was mourned by both the spiritual and business communities of India and she was recognized for her visionary leadership and her charitable work.

Indu Jain’s legacy continues to continue to be a part of the many initiatives and organizations she created throughout her life. The Times Foundation, which she created continues to contribute to the improvement of society through its many charitable and social initiatives.

Her family comprising the sons Samir Jain and Vineet continue to carry on her legacy and vision, ensuring that her efforts and contributions to the community will be remembered and honored for the generations to follow.


Indu Jain was an extraordinary person who had significant contributions to the world of business, spirituality, and philanthropy over her entire life. Her visionary leadership, leadership, and zeal for social causes have had an impact that will last forever on Indian society. She will be remembered for her role as a pioneer and a real inspiration.


  • What was Indu Jain’s role in The Times Group?
  • Ans: Indu Jain served as the Chairperson of The Times Group, where she played a pivotal role in the growth and success of the organization.
  • What was Indu Jain’s spiritual journey?
  • Ans: Indu Jain was a follower of the spiritual leader Jiddu Krishnamurti, and her spiritual journey played a significant role in shaping her worldview and her approach to life.
  • What were Indu Jain’s philanthropic initiatives?
  • Ans: Indu Jain established the Times Foundation, a non-profit organization that is involved in several social and charitable initiatives. The foundation works in areas such as education, health, rural development, and disaster relief, among others.
  • Who was Indu Jain’s husband?
  • Ans: Indu Jain was married to Ashok Kumar Jain, who was also involved in the family business.
  • When did Indu Jain pass away?
  • Ans: Indu Jain passed away on May 13, 2021, at the age of 84.
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