Jenny Jones Net Worth

Jenny Jones Net Worth:

$40 Million

Jenny Jones’ Net Worth

Jenny Jones Net Worth


Jenny Jones

Net Worth: $40 Million
Date of Birth: Jun 7, 1946 (76 years old)
Gender: Female
Profession: Talk show host, Singer, Comedian, Drummer

Jenny Jones’ Net Worth?

Jenny Jones, a Canadian-American philanthropist who was a former TV talk show host and stand-up comedian with a net worth exceeding $40 million, is now a Canadian-American philanthropist. Jenny Jones is most well-known for hosting “The Jenny Jones Show” between 1991 and 2003. She was also a winner of several competitions and game shows including “The Price is Right,” Match Game, “Press Your Luck” and “Star Search.” Jones is an active advocate for women’s health and has her foundation to help those in need.

Early Life

Jenny Jones was born Janina Stronski, on June 7, 1946, in Bethlehem, Mandatory Palestine. Her parents were both Polish immigrants from Poland. They were Zosia, a seamstress and dressmaker, and John, an army officer. Jones and her family moved to Italy shortly after Jones was born. The family then moved to Canada and settled in London, Ontario. Jones was raised in strict Catholic homes.

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Career Beginnings

Jones started her career in music as a drummer for a rock band. Jones also participated as a contestant in a variety of game shows, winning a lot of prizes. In 1979, Jones won $13,000 in cash and prizes on “The Price is Right”, including a sports car. In 1981 Jones won $5,500 from “Match Game” and $18,706 in three days of “Press Your Luck” in 1985. Jones was also a stand-up comedian during this period. She performed her comedy routine on the “Star Search” television talent show in 1986. It was a success.

The Jenny Jones Show

Jones gained national fame when she hosted her own syndicated TV tabloid talk show, the Jenny Jones Show. It was taped in Chicago at WMAQ TV studios. The series began with a talk-show format and a serious tone, similar to “The Oprah Winfrey show.” The series’ low ratings led to a shift in focus to more provocative and unusual subjects such as obstreperous teens, warring neighbors, and celebrity impersonators. The Jenny Jones Show featured live performances from a variety of musical artists. This included early appearances by Usher, Nelly, Ludacris, and Nelly. The series ran 12 seasons before it was canceled in 2003.

Scott Amedure Murder

The 1995 episode of “The Jenny Jones Show” caused a lot of controversy and backlash. Scott Amedure, a gay man, was killed for his appearance on the show. Amedure, who had been featured in an episode about secret sexual crushes of same-sex men, had admitted to having a crush upon Jonathan Schmitz. Amedure was killed by Schmitz three days after the episode’s taping. Schmitz was later convicted of second-degree Murder and sentenced to between 25 and 50 years in prison. In August 2017, he was released from prison after being granted parole.

The family of Amedure filed a lawsuit against “The Jenny Jones Show” and its producers for negligent acts that led to Scott’s death. The family claimed that producers should have known that Schmitz was suffering from mental illness. The initial ruling was in favor of the family, with an award of $29,000,000. However, the verdict was overturned by the Michigan Court of Appeals.


Jenny Jones Net Worth

Jones has been involved with many charitable endeavors throughout her professional career, mainly related to women’s healthcare. She was previously the honorary chairperson for the Susan G. Komen race for the cure, an annual Chicago event that raises awareness and funds for breast cancer research. Jones donated all proceeds from the sale of her autobiography in 1997 to the same research. Jones is also a vocal advocate against silicone breast implants due to a bad operation that left her with an asymmetric bosom. The Image Foundation was established by Jones to educate other women about implants, and to promote body positivity.

Jones founded the Jenny Jones Foundation in 2005 to help people in need, especially in education and health. The Jenny’s Heroes program is a part of the Foundation. Jones donates her money to various community leaders.

Personal life

Jones has been divorced and married several times. Jack Howard Poster was her first husband. Their marriage was annulled in 1969. Jones later married Al Gambino, a musician whom she divorced in 2002. She married Buz Wilburn the following year. They eventually separated in 1980. Jones began a long-term relationship with Denis McCallion later.

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