Kelly Macdonald Net Worth

Kelly Macdonald Net Worth

$8 Million

Kelly Macdonald Net Worth


What’s Kelly Macdonald’s net worth?

Kelly Macdonald, a Scottish actress, has a net worth of $8 million. Kelly Macdonald is most well-known for her roles in “Trainspotting”, as well as other mainstream films like “Nanny McPhee”, Gosford Park”, Intermission”, No Country for Old Men”, and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”.

She was a supporting actress on the HBO crime drama series, “Boardwalk Empire” and won an Emmy Award in the British television movie “The Girl in the Cafe.” Macdonald starred in “The Victim,” a television miniseries, and played main roles on “State of Play,” the BBC’s “Giri/Haji” and “Line of Duty.”

Macdonald began her career as a barmaid in Glasgow. Macdonald saw an advertisement for Trainspotting and decided to audition. She won the role of Diane, the underage seductress to Ewan McCGregor’s Renton.

Early Life

Kelly Macdonald was conceived in Glasgow, Scotland on February 23, 1976. She was raised in Newton Mearns. David is her brother. Macdonald’s parents divorced when she was young. Her mother, a sales executive in the garment industry, raised her. Macdonald attended Eastwood High School for her education. She graduated in 1993.

Film Career

Macdonald was working as a barmaid in Glasgow when she saw an advertisement for a casting call for Danny Boyle’s film, “Trainspotting.” After her audition was successful, she was offered the role of Diane Coulston. She is an underage girl who Mark Renton seduces. In early 1996, “Trainspotting”, received rave reviews. Macdonald was the title prostitute in Stella Does Tricks, following this promising debut. Macdonald was later cast in supporting roles in “Cousin Bette,” “Elizabeth” and “Entropy.” Macdonald’s 1999 was her most successful year on the big screen. She appeared in five films: “Splendor,” Entropy,” The Loss of Sexual Innocence,” My Life So Far” and “Tube Tales.” She was a part of “Two Family House,” House!, and “Some Voices” to kick off the new millennium. Macdonald was a prominent part in Peter Capaldi’s 2001 film “Strictly Sinatra” as well as Robert Altman’s Oscar-winning movie “Gosford Park”. John Crowley’s 2003 black comedy crime film, Intermission, featured Macdonald in another memorable role. Macdonald’s next credits included “Finding Neverland,” “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” “All the Invisible Children,” and “Nanny McPhee.”

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Television Career

Macdonald made her television debut in 1996’s “Flowers of the Forest”. After a brief break, Macdonald returned to television in 2003 with roles in the CBS television film “Brush With Fate” as well as the BBC drama series “State of Play,” which was directed by David Yates. Macdonald was reunited in 2005 with Yates to star in “The Girl in the Cafe”, a BBC television film for which she received an Emmy Award. She was seen in “Skellig” four years later.

Macdonald’s biggest TV role was when she began playing Margaret Thompson in the HBO period crime drama “Boardwalk Empire” in 2010. Macdonald was in the same role through all five seasons, earning Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. In 2016, Macdonald appeared in the episode “Hated in the Nation”, which was part of the science-fiction series “Black Mirror.” Macdonald was then cast opposite Benedict Cumberbatch in “The Child in Time.” She also starred in “The Victim” and “Giri/Haji,” both miniseries. Macdonald also appeared in the six-season finale of BBC’s procedural police series, “Line of Duty.”

Personal life

In August 2003, Kelly Macdonald was married to Dougie Payne (bassist for the Scottish rock band Travis). They had two children and lived in New York City and London. In 2017, Macdonald divorced Payne.

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