“Outer Banks” Season 3 Features Incredible Filming Locations in Barbados and South Carolina

"Outer Banks" Season 3 Features Incredible Filming Locations in Barbados and South Carolina

Outer Banks, the popular Netflix series, is back with its third season and has brought with it a new set of incredible filming locations in Barbados and South Carolina. This action-packed show is known for its picturesque landscapes and breathtaking views that leave the audience in awe. In this article, we’ll delve into the new filming locations, the plot of the third season, and some frequently asked questions about Outer Banks Season 3.

Filming Locations in Barbados

The third season of Outer Banks was filmed in Barbados, a Caribbean island known for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters. The cast and crew spent several months on the island, filming scenes that featured some of Barbados’ most beautiful locations. Some of the notable locations include Bathsheba Beach, Harrison’s Cave, and St. Nicholas Abbey.

Bathsheba Beach, located on the east coast of Barbados, is known for its rugged beauty and is a popular spot for surfers. In Outer Banks Season 3, the beach is featured in several scenes, including one where the Pogues are seen taking a break from their adventures to enjoy some downtime.

Harrison’s Cave is a popular tourist destination in Barbados and was also featured in the show. The cave system, which is made up of limestone formations and underground streams, was used as a filming location for some of the show’s more intense scenes.

St. Nicholas Abbey, a historic plantation house, was also featured in Outer Banks Season 3. The property’s lush gardens and beautiful architecture made it the perfect backdrop for some of the show’s more romantic scenes.

Filming Locations in South Carolina

In addition to Barbados, Outer Banks Season 3 was also filmed in South Carolina, where the show is set. The cast and crew returned to some familiar locations, such as Charleston and Kiawah Island, but also explored some new spots.

One of the new locations featured in Season 3 is Hunting Island State Park, a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The park is home to miles of pristine beaches, as well as a historic lighthouse that was used as a filming location for the show.

Another new location featured in Season 3 is the Morris Island Lighthouse, located just off the coast of Charleston. The lighthouse, which dates back to the 1800s, was used as a filming location for a key scene in the show.

The plot of Outer Banks Season 3

Outer Banks Season 3 picks up where the second season left off, with the Pogues searching for the gold they believe is hidden on the Royal Merchant. As they get closer to finding the treasure, they find themselves up against new adversaries and facing even greater challenges.

The new season also introduces some new characters, including Cleo, a skilled and mysterious new Pogue, and Limbrey, a wealthy and powerful woman who has her sights set on gold.

Throughout the season, the Pogues are forced to navigate treacherous waters, both literally and figuratively, as they try to stay one step ahead of their enemies and uncover the truth about the gold. With action-packed scenes, unexpected twists, and stunning visuals, Outer Banks Season 3 is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

FAQ about Outer Banks Season 3

Q: When were Outer Banks Season 3 released?

A: Outer Banks Season 3 was released on Netflix on August 27, 2021.

Q: Who stars in Outer Banks Season 3?

A: The main cast of Outer Banks Season 3 includes Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow, Charles Esten, and Elizabeth Mitchell.

Q: Where is Outer Banks Season 3 set?

A: Outer Banks Season 3 is set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a string of barrier islands that run along the state’s coastline.

Q: Do I need to watch the previous seasons to understand Season 3?

A: While it’s not strictly necessary to have watched the previous seasons, it’s highly recommended. The plot of Outer Banks Season 3 builds on events that happened in the first two seasons, so viewers who are new to the show may have a difficult time following the story.

Q: Are there any new characters in Season 3?

A: Yes, there are several new characters in Season 3, including Cleo and Limbrey, as well as several other characters who make appearances throughout the season.

Q: What can I expect from Outer Banks Season 3?

A: Outer Banks Season 3 is packed with action, adventure, and drama. Viewers can expect to see the Pogues facing new challenges as they search for the gold, as well as some surprising twists and turns along the way. Additionally, the new filming locations in Barbados and South Carolina provide a stunning backdrop for the show’s thrilling plot.

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In conclusion,

Outer Banks Season 3 is a must-watch for fans of the series, as well as anyone who enjoys action-packed adventure stories. With its stunning filming locations, engaging plot, and talented cast, this season is sure to leave viewers wanting more. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the show, Outer Banks Season 3 is worth checking out.

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