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Poonam Dubey is an Indian film actress, who mostly performs in Bhojpuri movie theaters. Her birth date was the 8th of February, 1990 in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. Poonam began the acting profession in 2013 in her debut in the Bhojpuri movie “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar” in a supporting role. But her most memorable performance was in”Bin Bjav Sapera”, a movie “Bin Bajav Sapera” in which she acted as the lead. Since then, Poonam has acted in numerous Bhojpuri movies and has made herself an established actor in the field.

Early Life and Career

Poonam Dubey was born on February 8, 1990, in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. She completed her studies in Allahabad and began the path to success in the entertainment business as a model. model. She took part in several beauty contests and also won numerous awards. Her attractiveness and beauty attracted numerous filmmakers and she was soon able to get her debut break in the industry. Bhojpuri production industry.

Film Career

Poonam Dubey made a debut as an actor in the Bhojpuri film industry when she acted in her film “Bhaiya Ke Saali Odhaniya Wali” in the year 2011. The role in this film was greatly loved, and she was a sensation on the internet overnight. She later made appearances in numerous Bhojpuri films which included “Chana Jor Garam,” “Jigarwala,” “Tohare Mein Basela Praan,” “Chana Jor Garam 2,” and “Ghus Ke Marab.”

Her role in”Chana JorGaram,” a film “Chana Jor Garam” was extremely well-received. She received nominations for an award called the Best Supporting Actress Award at the Bhojpuri Film Awards. She has collaborated with several well-known Bhojpuri actors, including Dinesh Lal Yadav, Khesari Lal Yadav as well as Pawan Singh.

Personal Life

Poonam Dubey is extremely private about her private life. She has not revealed many details about her family members or relationships. She is a fitness enthusiast who often shares her routines for exercise as well as diet and exercise plans via social media.


Poonam Dubey has received numerous awards for her contributions in her contribution to the Bhojpuri movie industry. She was awarded the Best Actress Award at the Bhojpuri Film Awards for her role in”Mohabbat” in the movie “Mohabbat.” She has also been awarded the Best Supporting Actress Award at the Bhojpuri Cine Awards for her performance in the film “Chana Jor Garam.”

Future Projects

Poonam Dubey is currently working on various initiatives in her Bhojpuri production industry. She will be featured in the coming films “Saheli Ke Holi” and “Laila Majnu.”


Poonam Dubey is a gifted actor and also a model who has earned an impact in the Bhojpuri film industry. Her attractiveness, charm, and acting talents have attracted the attention of millions of people. Because of her hard and dedicated work, she has enjoyed huge achievements in the entertainment industry and we are certain that she will continue to delight us with her stunning performances shortly.


What is Poonam Dubey known for?

Poonam Dubey is known for her acting skills and stunning looks.

When did Poonam Dubey make her acting debut?

Poonam Dubey made her acting debut in the Bhojpuri film industry with the film “Bhaiya Ke Saali Odhaniya Wali” in 2011.

Has Poonam Dubey won any awards?

Yes, Poonam Dubey has won several awards for her contribution to the Bhojpuri film industry.

What upcoming projects does Poonam Dubey have?

Poonam Dubey is currently working on the films “Saheli Ke Holi” and “Laila Majnu.”

Is Poonam Dubey active on social media?

Yes, Poonam Dubey is active on social media

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