Roya Faryabi (Adnan Sami’s 3rd Wife) Age , Family, Biography & More

Roya Faryabi is a broadcaster and journalist who has contributed significantly to the industry of media in the United Kingdom. Her birthplace was in Afghanistan, Faryabi and her family were forced to leave the country after the Taliban were in power. They eventually arrived in the UK and Faryabi moved to pursue a profession in journalism.

Early Life and Education

Roya Faryabi was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. She was raised in a family of love and was a lover of music since a young age. After finishing her schooling in Kabul her family moved to the United States to further her studies.


After finishing her studies, Roya Faryabi pursued a career in journalism. She was employed by a variety of news channels and reported on significant world events. She was recognized due to the quality of her work as well as being praised for her detailed coverage.

Marriage to Adnan Sami

Roya Faryabi met Adnan Sami at a social gathering in Mumbai. They fell in love immediately, and following dating for a couple of years and a wedding, they got married in an intimate ceremony. It was attended by friends and family members.

Personal Life

Roya Faryabi is a private person who likes to keep her private life from the spotlight. She is a loving wife and mother and spends the majority of her time looking after her family.


Roya Faryabi as well as Adnan Sami have their daughter Medina Sami Khan. Medina was born in May 2017 and the couple was thrilled to welcome their baby girl to the world.


Roya Faryabi has kept a low profile throughout her professional and private life and has remained away from controversy. She is well-known for her humble and kind, caring character.

Social Media Presence

Roya Faryabi is active on social media and has a huge number of followers on Instagram. She often posts photos of her family as well as regularly updates her followers on her daily life.

Interesting Facts

  • Roya Faryabi is a skilled journalist and has reported on several important events across the globe.
  • She is multilingual and speaks various languages which include Persian, English, Hindi, and Urdu.
  • Roya Faryabi and Adnan Sami’s romance is a complete fairytale. The couple is known as one of the most loved couples in the world of entertainment.


Roya Faryabi is a stunning woman who has a remarkable career as well as a personal life. She is a loving wife and mother who has captured admirers people with her warm-hearted personality. We hope that this article has given you valuable insight into the daily life of Adnan’s 3rd wife Roya Faryabi.


How old is Roya Faryabi?

Roya Faryabi’s age is not known to the public.

What is Roya Faryabi’s profession?

Roya Faryabi is a journalist by profession.

How did Roya Faryabi and Adnan Sami meet?

Roya Faryabi and Adnan Sami met at a social gathering in Mumbai.

Do Roya Faryabi and Adnan Sami have any children together?

Yes, Roya Faryabi and Adnan Sami have a daughter named Medina Sami Khan.

What languages can Roya Faryabi speak?

Roya Faryabi can speak several languages, including Persian, English, Hindi, and Urdu.

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