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Santanu Hazarika

A well-known Indian actress and model, Santanu Hazarika has appeared in several films, TV programmes, and online series. He is well-known for his endearing demeanour and great acting abilities. We shall examine Santanu Hazarika’s age, girlfriend, family, and biography in more detail in this post.

Early Life and Background

On September 28, 1992, Santanu Hazarika was born in Guwahati, Assam, India. He was raised in Guwahati and finished his education at a local institution. From an early age, Santanu was interested in acting and modelling and decided to pursue a career in both fields.

Career and Achievements

Santanu Hazarika began his modelling career by taking part in several events and fashion shows. He became well-known in the modelling business and had offers for parts in films and TV series. In 2013, the television programme “Ek Boond Ishq” served as his acting debut. Along with these well-known TV programmes, Santanu has also contributed to “Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap,” “Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya,” and “Udann Sapnon Ki.”

Santanu Hazarika has worked on films outside TV series, such as “Kismat Konnection” and “Dostana 2.” Additionally, he has appeared in online series such as “Poison 2” and “State of Siege: Temple Attack.”

Santanu Hazarika has been praised and recognised for his contributions to the entertainment sector. He is now one of the most sought-after performers in the business because of the many honours he has received for his performances.

Personal Life

Santanu Hazarika is renowned for keeping his personal affairs quiet and has not revealed much about his relatives and family. He is reportedly unmarried right now and concentrating on his work, however, according to sources.

Physical Appearance

Santanu Hazarika is well renowned for his attractive appearance and athletic build. He measures 5 feet 9 inches in height and 70 kilogrammes in weight. He has brown eyes and black hair.


Santanu Hazarika

Santanu Hazarika hasn’t been embroiled in any significant scandals or controversies. He has maintained a good reputation in the field and is regarded for his work.

Net Worth

The estimated value of Santanu Hazarika’s assets is $1 million. He receives considerable income from his acting roles, modelling jobs, and brand endorsements.

Social Media Presence

Facebook and Instagram are two social media sites where Santanu Hazarika is engaged. On these sites, he has a sizable fan base and often informs them of his life and initiatives.


Santanu Hazarika, a gifted actress and model, has succeeded in the entertainment business through perseverance and hard effort. Because of his great acting abilities and endearing demeanour, he has captured the hearts of his followers. We hope the information in this article on Santanu Hazarika’s age, girlfriend, family, and biography was helpful.


  • What is Santanu Hazarika’s age?
  • Ans: Santanu Hazarika was born on September 28, 1992. So, he is currently 30 years old.
  • Is Santanu Hazarika married?
  • Ans: No, Santanu Hazarika is single and focusing on his career.
  • What are Santanu Hazarika’s notable works?
  • Ans: Santanu Hazarika has worked in popular TV shows like “Bharat Ka Ve
  • Does Santanu Hazarika have any upcoming projects?
  • Ans: Santanu Hazarika has not announced any upcoming projects yet, but his fans eagerly wait to see him on the screen again.
  • Where can I follow Santanu Hazarika on social media?
  • Ans: You can follow Santanu Hazarika on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated about his life and projects.
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