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Vikram Gokhale is an Indian actor, director, and producer who has worked in Marathi, Hindi, and Gujarati films and television. He is best known for his work in the Marathi film industry, where he has worked on over 100 films. Vikram was born on 15 October 1940 in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Vikram Gokhale

His father was a doctor and his mother was a homemaker. He has two brothers and one sister. Vikram did his schooling at St. Vincent’s High School in Pune and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science from Fergusson College also located in Pune.

After college, he worked as a lecturer for a short while before joining the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) as an assistant director. It was during this time that he met V Shantaram who would later offer him his first acting role in the 1971 Marathi film Jait Re Jait.

Vikram Gokhale is an Indian actor, writer, and director who has worked in theatre, television, and films. He is best known for his work in the Marathi language film industry. Born: 9 December 1940 (age 77 years), Pune, India

Spouse: Sulabha Deshpande (m. 1968–2014) Children: Shriya Gokhale, Tanvi Azmi

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Who is Vikram Gokhale’s Wife?

Vikram Gokhale is an Indian actor and director. He has worked in Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati films. He is married to actress Sulabha Deshpande.

Sulabha Deshpande was an Indian actress who worked in Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati films. She was married to actor Vikram Gokhale.

Is Vikram Gokhale Married?

Yes, Vikram Gokhale is married. He has been married to his wife, Sulabha Deshpande, since 1975. The couple has two children together.

Who was Mohan Gokhale First Wife?

Mohan Gokhale was born on October 2, 1947, in a small village called Rote in Maharashtra, India. His first wife’s name was Mohini and she was also from Rote. The couple had two sons, both of whom were born before Mohan Gokhale moved to Mumbai (then known as Bombay) in 1970 to begin his acting career.

Mohini remained in Rote with their sons while Mohan Gokhale established himself as a successful actor in Hindi films and television. After several years of living apart, the couple divorced amicably in 1985.

Is Vikram Gokhale Alive?

Yes, Vikram Gokhale is alive. He is an Indian actor and director who has worked in both Hindi and Marathi films.

Vikram Gokhale Height, Age, Wife, Children, Family, Biography & More


Mohan Gokhale And Vikram Gokhale Relationship

Mohan Gokhale and Vikram Gokhale are two of India’s most respected actors. They have worked together in numerous films and plays, and their partnership is widely considered to be one of the strongest in Indian cinema. The duo has strong on-screen chemistry, which is evident in the way they play off of each other’s strengths.

Mohan Gokhale is known for his intense and moving performances, while Vikram Gokhale is known for his lighthearted humor and impeccable timing. Together, they create a truly dynamic duo that has entertained audiences for decades. The two actors are also close friends off-screen, enhancing their on-screen chemistry.

Mohan Gokhale once said that Vikram Gokhale is like a brother to him. This closeness is evident in the way they interact with each other both on and off camera. The Mohan-Vikram partnership is truly one of a kind, and it is clear that these two actors have deep respect and admiration for each other.

Their friendship shines through in their work, making them one of the most beloved pairs in Indian cinema.

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Vikram Gokhale is an Indian actor and director. He has appeared in Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam films. He has also directed plays in Marathi.

Gokhale was born on 18 January 1940 in a Marathi family in Pune, Maharashtra. His father was the late Vasantrao Gokhale, who served as the Principal of Fergusson College and his mother’s name is Shantabai Gokhale. He completed his schooling at Fergusson College and subsequently studied at Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce (BMCC), the University of Pune where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in commerce.

After that, he worked as an accountant for a short while before joining the National School of Drama (NSD) to pursue his passion for acting. Gokhale made his debut in the 1972 Marathi film Sinhasan which won him the Best Actor Award at the 17th edition of the Bengal Film Journalists’ Association Awards. He went on to act in several other Marathi films such as Jait Re Jait (1977), Shevatcha Cardamom (1979), Ardhangi (1985), and Chaukat Raja (1991).

Some of his notable Hindi films include Aakrosh (1980), Ardh Satya (1983), Party (1984), and Maine Pyar Kiya (1989). In addition to acting, Gokhale has also directed plays like Tughlaq and Girija Kane Chi Katha. He is married to Uma Gokhale with whom he has two sons – Amey Vikram Gokhale, an actor-director known for directing the popular TV show Kumkum Bhagya, and Adwait Vikram Gokhale who is a doctor by profession.

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